5 Things to Include in Your Web Design in 2019

5 Things to Include in Your Web Design in 2019
Eloka Nwangwu

Think Mobile First
Everyone around you is on Mobile, So why not adapt your website to be Mobile Responsive? The way of the future, is definitely Mobile. Make that work to your advantage. Early versions of mobile websites simply shrunk desktop sites down in size. Later versions improved on the clutter and size of the earlier versions, but they’re was still too much visual clutter. To provide a better mobile user experience in 2019, focus on the essentials required by your audience. Add additional elements carefully, and potentially restrict them on mobile devices.

Add Visual Storytelling
For modern websites in 2019, make sure your content and story telling abilities are topnotch. You need both effective images and messages. If you want to attract, engage, and convert your target audience, you have to reach them first and with great content and appealing storytelling, you can achieve that.

Add Website Animation
Intrusive popups or opt-ins are outrightly annoying! If you want your business website to appear modern and relevant in 2019, consider adding video or other animated elements. The new thing for 2019 are animated graphics, a still image with a single moving element. Add that to your website and you are good to go.

Use Custom Images and Illustrations 

In 2019, Stop using stock images. All they really do is make you look like your competitors, which isn’t what you want. Instead, use custom images and graphics that match you’re brand image. This will also give your website a more uniform look instead of a inconsistent styles and graphics.

Have More Creative Websites
A lot has changed in the design of mobile websites. Consumers have become much more sophisticated and savy. Elements no longer have to be above the fold to be seen. Website visitors are used to scrolling, so you no longer have to follow traditional design strategies when designing. Just give it all a mix.


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