Branding Lifestyle

Branding Lifestyle
Chidinma Okoye

Steve Jobs once said ‘’we are not going to get people to remember much about us, so we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.” What image comes to mind when your product is mentioned? What do you offer? The answer to this is all in your brand.

People prefer Coca-Cola products over other soft drink brands simply because the company has designed the product such that you think of it whenever you want a soft drink. Sometimes, you even buy it when you don’t need one.

A while ago, I was walking to the car park from my lecture hall, unfortunately, the sun had it out for humans that day. On getting there, I stopped to buy water, and as I looked at the various drinks in the kiosk, the first thing that came to my mind was Fanta. I didn’t actually need Fanta, I needed water, but  the bottle of Fanta was so appealing that I just had to buy it. That’s what branding does. It keeps your brand in the mind of consumers because you have been clear about your messaging through advertisement.

Branding is a lifestyle and there is need to be consistent with this lifestyle to stay top in the minds of consumers.


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