For the Throne.

For the Throne.
Chidinma Okoye

The series may have ended, but the buzz is still on. Through production, the series gained a lot of loyal fans and this did not happen because the viewers were entertained but because they came up with effective marketing strategies which included a lot of digital marketing.

At the beginning of the series, it was announced and promoted on the HBO network and across all HBO social media platforms, but as the show progressed, the series got their own social media accounts and with a growing fan base at, they made social media success look seamless and effortless.

The Game of Thrones marketing strategy deeply involved the use of social media networks and social media marketing. With 4.7m YouTube subscribers, 8.7m Twitter followers, 10.6m Instagram followers and a staggering 23.6m Facebook followers, the producers were in contact with its audience, capturing their interest with short video clips, pictures and updates of the show. They also ran various campaigns during the course of the show to keep their audience engaged and active.

As expected with a show as huge as Game of Thrones, different brands tuned in with GOT inspired brands and GOT themed services. The famous Adidas produced six new designs inspired by the colours of Westeros, Diago produced White Walker Whiskey, Dianelle Nicole designed GOT themed accessories and backpacks. Columbia Records released a song “For the Throne”. The American Red Cross ran a campaign “Bleed for the Throne”, the list goes on and on.

Game of Thrones effectively used social media marketing in promoting the show and even now at the end, they still continue to engage the audience. The Game of Thrones brand pushed boundaries and explored different avenues in creating unique experiences and stories for the audience.


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