Chidinma Okoye

With the advent of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes, it has become a lot easier for customers to communicate their complaints and expectations to firms and they usually expect quick and satisfactory responses. Social media and gaming used to be two completely different fields. However, the internet as a tool for entertainment, communication and information dissemination has almost completely diminished the distinction between social media and gaming, bringing about the dawning of a new age, and a key component of this new age is social gaming.

What exactly is social gaming? It is simply an activity that involves playing games on social media platforms. They require interaction between players as opposed to players playing in solitude. According to Statista, in 2017, the social gaming industry was worth about $2.15 billion in the U.S. These statistics show that social media is rapidly shaping the gaming industry.

First, it is obvious that humans are suffering from diminishing attention spans and social media is playing a very active role in this. For instance, Facebook has developed inhouse gaming applications that allow their users to play games among themselves within the app. A while ago, the mental picture of a gamer was a teenage boy sitting in his room staying awake all night trying to finish his new video game. However, social media has brought the notion of a virtual reality and completely changed this.

Firms are beginning to capitalize on this to spread awareness about their brands, and research shows that social gaming ads produce better results than other regular social media marketing techniques. According to, business ads in social games have an average engagement rate of 20% while Facebook brand pages average about 0.50%. This is a cost-effective way for firms to reach both social media users and video game players.

While playing, gamers don’t use social media or watch stories from their favourite celebrities or influencers. When gamers game, nothing that happens outside of the game matters one bit. Social gaming bridges this gap and firms can take advantage of this to increase their brand awareness.


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