Gifting in Corporate Branding

Gifting in Corporate Branding
Chidinma Okoye

During my university days, my friends and I were always on the look-out for churches that treated first timers well. Now if they treated us well enough, we’d return before we moved on to the next.

People generally love gifts, but it is more than just giving gifts, it’s about creating relationships, attracting new clients, impressing existing customers, building and maintaining brand image. Gifts help in creating awareness, they act as marketing and advertising tools and help in recapturing the attention of already existing customers.

Corporate branded gifts could come in many packages, such as magazines showcasing the services of the company or an all-expense paid business trip for your high-end clients.

Imagine you’ve paid for one of your client’s business trip, and later on, he goes out for a drink with his business partners; while conversing, your client may share details of his all expense paid trip, then goes on to tell them about your brand and just like that they are talking about you. In gifting clients, you turn them to marketers. This is where word-of-mouth advertising comes in handy.

Corporate gifts are not just for clients but also for employees. By rewarding your employees for good work, you are lifting their mood and zest to do more. As such, keeping your employees happy ensures they will keep your clients happy.

 Giving gifts is not a waste of money rather it is a great way to invest in your business and build your brand image.


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